The Pros and Cons of Hemorrhoids Cream for Puffy Eyes

Perhaps you have heard about it from your mom or granny, but this is surely a medicine with lots ofadvantages and disadvantages, when it comes to beauty care.

The hemorrhoid cream has been praised as a cure for puffy eyes, skin irritation and wrinkles. Generations of women have been using this cream believing it is one of the greatest cosmetic products ever.

Hemorrhoids Cream for Puffy Eyes

Actually this is a myth. The common belief that this cream can fix the puffy eyes is caused by the book of Diane Iron, where she mentions that hemorrhoid cream is a great cure.

Chemically speaking, the hemorrhoid cream has no ingredients able to fix the puffy eyes, or the wrinkles.

The active ingredient in the cream is the vasoconstrictor. It is an ingredient that shrinks the blood vessels, which is great anti-hemorrhoid practice, but it is not recommendable for puffy eyes or wrinkle treatments.

On the contrary, the product can cause lots of problems, when applied on the sensitive area below the eyes. Therefore, forget the hemorrhoid cream, in case you have puffy eyes and skin irritations. Instead visit a specialist and solve your problem with the right cosmetic creams. Drinking more water will also reduce the puffy eyes problem.


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