The Secret Behind The Beautiful Breasts

As the breasts’ beauty is concerned, the feminine models promoted through media have set lately the trend that beautiful breasts, ultimately, have to also be big.

From there to the obsession of silicon implants and the remodeling operations the evolution was swift, but the combination of the big breasts obsession with another one of “being as skinny as possible” in order to have the ideal silhouette, resulted the modern type of perfect woman: skinny with big breasts.physical exercise

We should know that the shape as well as the size of the breasts is directly conditioned by the body type.

Extremely rare we can see thin women with big breasts like the models in the magazines, this being the main reason for which so many teenage girls are not happy with the way they look.

The supplements that supposing are causing breasts growth, although intensively promoted, have no permanent effect and can damage the health if they are associated with different problems or hormonal issues.

It is recommendable that before starting to take such supplements a person should have a hormonal check up and ask for a doctor’s recommendation.

The feminine breasts are seldom symmetrical. Most of the times, one is bigger than the other or even different as shape. The dimension of the nipple also varies from one woman to the other.

These characteristics are genetically inherited and can be changed only through surgical intervention. On the other hand there are features that evolve during the years conditioned by certain factors. The skin elasticity, the firmness and also the dimension can be changed by the life style, the growth or loss of body weight and even by the worn clothes.

The massage is crucial for maintaining the breasts elasticity. Through the massage the blood flow at the skin level is stimulated helping the skin to oxygenate and eliminate toxins.

Using a special massage lotion for breasts is quite effective in keeping the skin elastic and as a result the breasts are looking beautiful. Also wearing a bra is a good method to fight the gravitational force.

Alternate shower sessions with rapid changes of the water temperature help the repair of the collagen in the skin but also can accelerate the circulation.

That is the best method to eliminate cellulite. Also for a maximum hydration it is recommended to massage the breasts with olive oil.

The right exercises are important because the breasts are not muscular tissue. The physical exercise is necessary to keep the breasts firm and in shape.


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