The Spot Reduction Myth

lose weightWe have all seen infomercials about the ‘ab-isolator’ belt or the ‘sauna’ band or a bunch of exercise equipment that promises to reduce fat in particular parts of the body.

The fact however is that Spot Reduction is a Myth.

There is no way to ‘melt’ away the fat in any particular part of the body.

Everyone who did all those hundreds of sit ups and crunches for a flatter belly was always doomed to disappointment. Those that did ‘specific’ exercises to ‘target’ the problem areas of the body have never seen any kind of improvement in their ‘problem’ areas.

This is because it is not possible to remove fat from any one particular area of the body through a particular diet or exercise. It is only if you can lose weight all over the body that you will be able to see a reduction of fat in that particular area that you want to lose weight from.

And that is an inescapable fact; no matter what the ab machines and the butt isolators tell you.

The pattern in which you will lose weight is genetically pre-determined and has no relationship to the muscles being exercised. For men, lower back fat is generally the last to be burned, with the lower legs second last; for women, it is generally the thighs and buttocks.

The spot reduction myth is one that is perpetuated by the weight loss industry that thrives on people’s perceptions of their physical imperfections.

People want to hear that they can miraculously lose the fat from their butt or their thighs or most commonly their abdominal muscles. So the weight loss industry, very profitably, tells you how it’s done. They don’t tell you that it can’t be done!

While you cannot lose fat from one or other particular area, you can tone up that area by doing certain exercises. A distinction has to be made between spot fat reduction and spot muscle development.

By doing those hundreds of crunches you can in fact develop excellent abdominal muscles; the elusive six pack if you will! However, there is a layer of fat covering them, you will still not be able to see that six pack! [ab workouts]

And it is also true that belly fat is the most stubborn fat that there is, because we evolved in a way that the human body learned to store its fat around the belly in the event of a famine.

The fact is that there is no way to lose weight from any particular area of the body set aside fat loss surgery, such as liposuction. So next time beware and don’t fall for the Spot Reduction Myth!


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