The Truth About Oral Piercing

The trends still encourage piercing and many girls are tempted to get one. The love for body art is not naturally healthy so before getting your body pierced there are certain things you should consider. Statistics say that one teenager out of three considers oral piercing while in high school.

Oral piercing is surely tempting and piercing your tongue is considered sexy in many countries of the world.

Oral Piercing

The lips are also a targeted area for face piercing and since so many stars have one, it is natural for the young girls to want one of their own.

Here is the truth about this cosmetic dare as you should see before taking it on for yourself.

Apart from the very common risk of getting a viral disease the likes of B and C hepatitis or HIV the oral piercingexposes you to other several health hazards.

Leaving out the pain and the swallowing problems caused by the jewel inserted in your tongue, which are natural reflexes of your body; the procedure also brings an increase in the salivation and the presence of a hyper sensibility in the form of metal allergy.

The piercing modifies the way you talk, influences the chewing and swallowing process and it cancause damage to the tongue nerves. Finally, until you grow accustomed with the thing in your mouth, you can also cause trauma to the teeth.

The dentists warn about the dangers of the oral piercing and most of them advice against it. It is true that nobody died from oral piercing but so many got into the hospital with a swollen tongue or with a severe hemorrhage caused by the damage caused to the tongue’s blood vessels.

The human mouth is naturally filled with bacteria. This is why the risk of infection post the oralpiercing is very high. In case of a teeth problem the piercing can interfere with radiography or in the worst case it could be required to be removed which will leave a not exactly aesthetic hole in the mouth.

You will say that a lot of people have it and they are fine so why should something like that happen to you. You may be right but keep in mind that the natural reaction of your body is the factor with the highest influence as beauty is concerned.

If some people tolerate certain cosmetics it does not mean that all the people will. The same goes for oral piercing.


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