8 Tips for Hand Care – Is It an Overlooked Part of Your Skincare Regime?

Did you know that your hands can be a dead giveaway of your real age? Not looking after your hands can show your age even if you take great care of your facial skin.

Think about it – the hands are the parts of our body that work hardest, are subject to the most amount of exposure to the elements, are often overlooked when it comes to skin care, and also, you cannot put makeup on your hands to hide those lines.

Hand Care

So here are some tips to help your hands look their youthful best –

1. Moisturize your hands and don’t forget your nails.

Moisture will help keep the skin soft and supple, reducing appearance of lines and it will also keep the nails healthy and prevent them from becoming brittle.

Ideally moisturize your hands as part of your nightly skin care routine, and then wear gloves to bed to keep in the moisture.

2. Wash right. When you wash your hands use a gentle cleanser to retain natural moisture. Liquid soaps are usually milder than bar soaps.

3. When you do the dishes, make sure thewater is lukewarm and not hot; in any case wear gloves to protect hands from harsh chemicals and water that will leach the moisture from the skin of the hands.

4. Protect from the sun as well. When you slather on the sun screen on your face and arms, remember to do the hands as well.

5. File with care. When filing nails, make sure that the cuticle is protected and the nails also don’t suffer from incorrect filing. Also when it comes to the cuticles don’t cut or trim them; rather use a soft towel to push them back when the hands are well.

6. Good hygiene is important too. Not only do unclean nails look terrible they can also harbor a host of germs giving rise to infection and other problems.

7. Use nail polish but give your nails a break from it from time to time. The acetone in the nail polish can discolor the nails and so use nail polish occasionally rather than routinely.

8. Eat healthy and exercise. Your skin is an organ like any other and that which is good for the other organs is good for your hands as well.

As a healthy diet can benefit the body it benefits the skin keeping it younger, more supple and with relatively fewer lines and age spots; giving you younger looking hands as well.


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