To Get Or Not To Get A Tattoo

tattoo designIt is easy to wonder whether you should get a tattoo or not. They are everywhere you look and are very trendy.

Tattoos make people seem sexier and racy. After deciding that you do want a tattoo, the next thing to decide is where to place it. Should it be on the shoulder, on the hip, the ankle or back?

There are many different places to choose from. Then, once you’ve made that decision, you have to decide what kind of tattoo you would like, since there are so many tattoo designs you may have been thinking about for a long time.

Tattoos have been around for a very long time. They have been used worldwide by different tribes. They were placed on their faces and bodies. They used techniques that took far longer and was more painful than today’s method.

It was and still is considered an art form even though it may be considered taboo in some instances. Whether you want a tattoo because you would like an everlasting piece of art on your body or because you have a special remembrance that you never want to forget, a tattoo is permanent, and keep in mind that your body will change.

There has been resurgence in tattoos in the past few years; both men and women alike have gotten tattoos. You may be deciding whether to get a tattoo of a butterfly on your shoulder, or Japanese lettering or a cabalistic sign on your bikini line.

Think it through, make sure you are familiar with the tattoo artist and that you can be sure his design will be what you wanted. Also remember that places in your body may sag and that gaining weight may stretch your tattoo into something unsightly, for instance your upper arm or your back.

If you do want your tattoo removed there is laser surgery that you can opt for. Keep in mind that laser surgery for tattoo removal is very painful and is even more painful in certain areas and it is expensive.

Taking it off is just as painful as putting it on. It depends on the person, but for many the least painful part of the body is the upper back and shoulder, and the most painful would be the least fleshy parts, such as the ankle or right about the ribcage. Before you go out and get one done make sure the place you go to is clean and licensed.

Tattoos are put on with needles, so you have to be wary that you could develop an infection. Tattoos can be beautiful, just put a lot of thought into what you will be doing. Getting a tattoo is a decision that lasts a lifetime, so better make sure you really want one before getting it done.


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