Top Methods for Natural Hair Removal

People have been removing unwanted hair for centuries, and this is why we have so many natural hair removal options at our hands. Why should we be using chemicals when we can also choose other methods?

Removing hair naturally through waxing

Removing hair naturally through waxing

To a section of the skin warm wax is applied and then a piece of cloth is applied on the wax. It is rubbed to adhere to it and then quickly pulled off in the opposite direction of hair growth. This way it is possible to get rid of the root of the hair.

You might have heard that this method could be quite painful. While some people say that you can get used to it, others say that in case the client is relaxed while waxing, the pain seems to be smaller.

The disadvantage of waxing is that it gets hold of the skin as well so the skin could turn red or it could get irritated.

When thinking about natural hair removal, you should look for those products that have natural ingredients. In order to make economies, the cloths can be used on several sections.

To make the entire process simpler, you could consider cold wax strips which you can find in any drugstore or supermarket.


This is also a natural way of removing hair and it is quite similar to waxing. The difference is that it isn’t that painful to remove hair with it. These products do not grab the skin. The sugar paste sticks to the hair, and so it does not irritate the skin.

The disadvantage of this kind of hair removal is that there might be some stubborn hair that cannot be removed through sugaring. The cloths that you use for sugaring can be washed and reused.


If you are looking for the easiest and the least expensive natural way of removing hair then most definitely it is shaving. The process could also be environmentally friendly in case you opt for therecyclable razors and organic shaving creams or soaps.

Naturally there are also some disadvantages of this natural hair removal, like razor nicks and irritation. Also the effects aren’t as long lasting as in case of waxing or sugaring.

Removing hair naturally through threading

This is one of the most interesting methods that are out there. It is great for small areas, especially in case of the face. The main point of this natural way of removing hair is that there is a cotton threat rolled and twisted along the skin, wrapping and lifting the hair. In case it is done by a professional, it may offer better results than tweezing.

It is a short process, of about ten minutes and there are some salons that offer you such services for about ten dollars.


This is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways of natural hair removal and it is usually used on the face. There is little pain associated with the method, in case the hair is grabbed and removed with a fast movement.


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