Try These Amazing Holiday Manicure Ideas

As the holidays come, the majority of women start looking for manicure ideas that represent a motif of the holidays. This is why there are more and more women with reindeers and snowflakes on their nails in different colors and styles. Some of these designs might inspire you as well.

Classic Twist

Classic twist

Two of the classic colors of Christmas are green and red. You can get a twist on this classic combination by mixing matte and glossy polishes. Have matte red polish on every other finger and matte green on the other fingers. In the end polish the ends of the nails with the same color but use a glossy finish.

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights

In case you would like something simple but with a great impact, consider adding a white base color to the nails. Then draw a black line which will be the chord of the Christmas lights and add colorful dots that will become the light bulbs.

Wrap it Up

Wrap it up

For a more Christmas-y feeling you should polish your nails to bright red. Then using a thin brush add a vertical and a horizontal stripe and make a bow in the middle. To make the design more interesting, add a bit of silver to the design as well, and, if you have some, add a rhinestone to the middle of the bow.

Christmas Tree

Christmas tree

This design is suitable for the more advanced manicurists. For this you will need a green base. Using golden polish, add the pieces of a Christmas tree, but make it look like you drew green line over it. In the end add a red rhinestone to the top of the tree.



If you would like to make an impression with your manicure, think about a dark base color. Then add confetti-like glittery nail polish on the top. The only downside of this kind of nail polish is that usually you end up with too few glitters and you will have to “hunt” them down.

Emerald and Gold

Emerald and gold

In case you are looking for a style that works for both Christmas and New Year’s Eve, think about creating an emerald base color. On the middle finger add only golden sequins. In the end you will have an elegant, yet impressive nail design which will work for both occasions.

There are a lot of designs for you to try; you just have to let your imagination free.


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