Pros and Cons for Underarm Hair Removal

Having hair at the armpit is really annoying, and this is why men have come up with methods for underarm hair removal.

Pros and Cons for Underarm Hair Removal


Before removing the hair at the armpit, you should soak it in water and then apply shaving gel tomoisturize the hair. When shaving, you should use sharp blades, because the dull blades could pull out the hair, increasing the chances of having ingrown hair.

You could also consider using an electric shaver. There are numerous different kinds and their majority is water resistant, so you can perform underarm hair removal under the shower as well.

Removing underarm hair with waxing

Waxing is a cost effective way and the results last longer than in the case of shaving. Through constant waxing the hair will become thinner.

There is also some pain associated with waxing and minor bleeding could also appear. In case you are a beginner, you could be using the waxing kits at home.

Hair removal creams

These are chemical products that contain disulfide. This bonds with the keratin of the hair and so it can be scraped away from the surface of the skin. One of the disadvantages of this method of removing underarm hair is that there might be a darkish shadow at the armpit because of the hair that is left beneath the skin.


This isn’t really a process of underarm hair removal, but instead of getting rid of it, you just make the hair less visible. In case the hair has a light color, it is more difficult to notice. In case you are going to apply dye, first you should make sure that they have been meant to be used on the body.

The results are quite long lasting, for about 2-3 weeks. This method works out the best in case of those people who have a fair skin.

Removing hair from the underarm with epilators

The epilators are electric devices that grab the hair and they pull it out. The downside of this method is that it is associated with a high level of pain because the hair is pulled out with its root from the skin, and the underarm is known to be a sensitive location. This is why professionals say that it is better towax first and then use the epilator on the regrown hair.

To reduce the pain associated with arm hair removal, it might be better to use the epilator in the shower. There are some that have been especially created for this purpose, and they are gentler.


Removing the hair from the underarm through this method is usually performed by a professional. You should opt for this method in case you would like to get good results that are permanent. The process is done with the help of a needle that is inserted to the root of the hair, giving a tiny electric energy that will kill the root. The drawback of this underarm hair removal is that it is quite expensive.


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