8 Eco-Friendly Products For Unwanted Hair Removal

Get ready for spring with these amazing green hair removal products

Got unwanted hair? Regardless of whether it’s your legs, your underarms, or your bikini line, we’ve all got little bits of hair that we’d rather not see. But conventional hair removal products may pose environmental and health problems. Choose a greener solution with these 8 eco-friendly ideas for hair removal.

1. GiGi


GiGi products are made with certified organic ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and safe for all skin types.

Their Organic Milk and Honee Wax is made without mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, or harsh chemicals, but does include things like honey and milk extract that together leave skin feeling hydrated, softened, and conditioned.

2. Parissa


This strip-free hot wax by Parissa is a beautifully natural way to remove unwanted hair while softening your skin and preventing ingrown hairs. It’s made from natural ingredients like beeswax, canola oil, and chamomile extract and comes with a metal warming pan and photo instructions.

Parissa also carries wax strips, warm wax, 2-in-1 roll-ons, body sugar, exfoliating gloves, and no-heat soft gel as well as a wax warmer.

3. MOOM Lavender Botanical Nourishing Hair Removers

MOOM sources its ingredients from Mother Nature, using things like sugar, lemon juice, tea tree oil, and water to formulate their products. They claim to be the simplest, most gentle way to remove unwanted hair without the unpleasant problems associated with traditional hair removal.


They have products for the whole body, the face, legs, and bikini area. They also carry products for men. This introductory kit contains the hair remover, reusable polycotton strips, and various applicators.

4. Andrea Naturals Hair Removal System

Formulated with natural ingredients like fruit extracts and without artificial colors, fragrances, parabens, or animal testing, Andrea Naturals has a whole line of hair removal products.


Choose from Ready-To-Use Cold Wax, Brazilian Bikini Wax, All Over Wax, Body Wax, or Facial Wax in delicious flavors like apple pear, blueberry banana, coconut pineapple, mango apricot, or pomegranate cranberry.

5. L’Orbette Liquid Organic Wax

Remove unwanted hair all over the body with this natural wax alternative made from fragrance-free wax and natural resins. It’s appropriate for all skin types and works really well for sensitive skin.

6. Nad’s For Men No-Heat Hair Removal

Lest you think the world of natural hair removal is only for women, here’s an option just for men. This wax requires no heating, which makes a snap to use and melts naturally when you apply it to yourwarm skin for removing unwanted hair.

It’s made with natural and chemical-free ingredients in Australia and comes with cloth strips, a spatula, and orange stick, and illustrated instructions.nads

7. Marzena Girl

This vegan product is formulated specifically for young women. It’s a no-fuss method for removing unwanted hair, making the whole process a breeze!


You can choose from large wax trips for legs and body, mini-sized wax strips for bikini, face, and underarm, and hair remover cream. Marzena also makes hair removal products for adult women.

8. Sally Hansen Naturally Bare

Sally Hansen has this Naturally Bare line that is made with natural ingredients that are also cruelty-free for removing unwanted hair.


This Creme Hair Remover is for medium or coarse hair (although they also have kits for fine hair) and comes with a contoured applicator. Ingredients include honey, chamomile, lemon, and soy. They also carry honey wax and waxing strips.


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