Can You Make the Upper Lip Hair Removal Permanent?

Permanent upper lip hair removal is something that many women are looking for, and they seem to be lucky, because the professionals have come up with two ways of achieving it: laser and electrolysis.

Removing the upper lip hair with laser

Removing the upper lip hair with laser

The laser method is working best in case of people that have fair skin and dark hair because it targets the melanin found in the dark hair. There are also some kinds of lasers that work for blonde hair as well, but these have not yet been perfected.

In case you have dark skin, you should think twice before removing the hair from the upper lip because the laser could target the melanin in your skin, causing pigmentation problems.

The laser procedure isn’t as painful as waxing, but it is more painful than tweezing or using creams. Before the procedure you might take some pain killers.

The upper lip hair removal is quite fast. The sessions last for about 10 minutes and you will need about 5-6 of them.

Nonetheless laser hair removal is quite expensive, the treatments costing about $150-$200 each.

In order for some machine to work, you may have to shave the area, but the hair will fall out anyway about 10-14 days later. In the first few days after the removal of the upper lip hair you might have some coarseness, but the hair will fall out anyway.

Just as in case of any other thing, the results are not guaranteed. The hair growth will be reduced by 80%, but the results vary from one client to the other. There are some people who had to turn to electrolysis because the hair grew back.

To increase the chances of getting high quality upper lip hair removal, you should be looking for a reputable aesthetician that probably has the most up-to-date machinery that offers better results.


As it has been mentioned before, this is a more effective way of removing upper lip hair than laser and the advantage is that it is suitable for both dark and light hair. You have to find al licensed electrologist to do the job. He or she will then be inserting a sterile needle into each hair follicle.

After the needle has been inserted, electrical current at a relatively lower-levels will kill the root of the hair. Since the professional has to perform the same thing for every follicle, it may take a long time to finish with the hair removal.

Regarding pain, you have to know that the level of pain caused by electrolysis is greater than the one caused by laser. Some say that in this case the pain is 20 times bigger, but it is not unbearable. A 30 minutes session costs about $60.

At first removing the upper lip hair this way seems to be cheap compared to laser, but you should know that there is need for 15-30 visits to get the entire job done. The upside is that the results of this kind of upper lip hair removal are guaranteed.


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