Managing a Vacation Beauty Pack

Summer is the season of vacations, and there are a lot of things that we have to pack up when preparing for a trip. Naturally we can’t take all of the beauty, skin care and hair care products that we have, so there is need for a plan for smart packing is vital when going on a trip.


In case you have to go by plane, you have to remember the regulations. You must have 3.4 ounce bottles or less, one plastic bag for every passenger and one quart-sized, plastic, clear, sip top bag to hold the bottles. If you happen to have larger bottles, you will have to put them into the checked baggage.

Vacation Beauty Pack

What is your destination?

In case you are going to a tropical location, you should select those products for heat and humidity and most probably you won’t need the heavy foundations and rich creams.

In case you have to attend parties or formal events while being on the trip, you should also add to the bag your evening makeup, including darker eye and lip shades that come with a bit of shimmer.

Opt for the 2-in-1 products

In order to save some space, you should be looking for the 2-in-1 products, or even for the 3-in-1 ones. There are numerous mineral powders and other kinds of cosmetics that allow you to use the same products for the eyes, lips and cheeks.

Regarding the baths that you are going to take, find a shower gel that could also be used as a shampoo. You could also use those products that are offered by the hotel and so you won’t have to bring them from home.

Advantages of samples

You can be sure to find some free or cheap samples and trial size cosmetics at the local stores that are just perfect for short trips. The advantage of the small products is that they need little space in the bag.


A lot of people worry that the product they are taking might break during the travel and they tend to forget about all the space that is wasted with shoes. In case you have some breakable containers, such as the perfumes, place them into socks, and then put the socks into shoes: protection and space saving in the same time.


In case you would like to bring numerous makeup products and you can’t give them up, consider investing in a cute little metal traincase that would hold all the essentials. Your checklist should include foundation, eye shadow palette, concealer, mascara, powder, eyeliner, two lip colors and also blush.

Prepare in time

To make sure that you will have fewer things to bring, you should make your manicure and pedicure at home, so that it will be enough to have a small bottle of varnish for the touch-ups, although the good-quality manicures and pedicures last for weeks.


It is also useful to have your legs, underarms and bikini lines professionally waxed before going on a trip.


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