Very Expensive Secret Of Demi Moore’s Youthful Looks

Demi Moore may be pushing 50, but she doesn’t look anywhere near that age; her super toned figureand her skin belying her age. But the secret of her young looking skin is a weekly facial that does not come cheap.

There is a weekly facial that she is known to indulge in, that sets her back by a whopping 1,900 pounds each time. By that estimate, her yearly skin care bill would come to over a hundred thousand!

Demi youthful looks

It is the Thermage skin tightening technique that she is such a fan of – which uses radio frequency to heat the deeper layers of the skin while cooling the surface layer of the skin.

The result of the non surgical procedure is to tighten existing collagen and also stimulate production of new collagen so that skin appears smoother and tighter.

So happy is Demi Moore with the treatment that she has the procedure every week. And that is just the non-surgical procedures – for liposuction she spent sixteen thousand, nearly ten thousand on breast implant, and twenty thousand on facial work. She apparently also had work done for her sagging knees!


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