Want To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair? Body Hair Removal For Hair Free Skin!

Beauty care trends are growing rapidly and body hair removal is one among them.

It has been practiced for centuries and everyone prefers to have a smooth, hairless body.

Actually, your entire body is covered with hair only with the exception of the palms of your hands and soles of the feet.

The methods may differ among times and regions, however body hair removal is most common.

Besides removing hair through plucking with tweezers, you have a variety of options with a quicker, more lasting body hair removal process.

Today, women are not the only ones showing hair-removing craze. However, men are also becoming crazy and keeping areas hair-free.body hair removal

Popular Body hair removal Procedures

Previously waxing is a popular method of body hair removal. It needs hot wax to be poured on the area and removed using strips fixed on it, pulled off together with unwanted hair. Despite of being painful method, it is a cost valuable, lasts for a while and a best choice for body hair removal.

More over, waxing can be done even in your home using self-waxing kits available in stores. Home waxing is better choice if you don’t spend a lot of money or doesn’t prefer a public salon.

Body hair removal process at home may be convenient and appealing for you but may feel shy when it comes to certain areas that need to be done by other person. Thus, shaving has become the most common body hair removal method.

Shaving is relatively cheap and easy to perform but it can be time consuming and needs to re-shave a few days later. Another popular option is the use of depilatories. You can use depilatories in your home and are available in the stores.

Depilatories are prepared using chemical mixture that is applied to the unwanted hair region. Once applied, wait for few minutes depending up on the size of the area and the amount of hair being removed, as the chemicals will get time to kill the hair. The depilatory is removed and the skin on the area will be smooth and hair free.

Depilatories may not be suitable for sensitive skin, as the strong chemicals of depilatories for killing the hair can cause skin irritation and skin damage. Even these require repeat treatments soon after the first.

You can be benefited using depilatories, as you need not worry about nicking. Removing hair with depilatories is completely without pain.

Today, electrolysis and laser hair removal are growing trends to keep the areas hair free for much longer period however need to be practiced only by a professional and are expensive than others.

While removing hair by electrolysis, the technician uses a needle that projects an electric current into the hair follicle, killing it from its root. The current into the root of the hair follicle prevents hair from growing back. Electrolysis is a permanent body hair removal but takes longer than laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal needs a few sittings until the hair is completely dead and gone forever. A wavelength of energy is omitted from the laser to kill the hair from its base. It is the most appealing body hair removal procedure but the cost can be relatively high.

body hair removal


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