Want To Make Your Eyes More Attractive? Eyebrow Shaping Style To Emphasize Your Eyes!

In today’s busy world, most of the women are finding no time to pay attention towards their eyebrows, a necessary aspect to enhance your beauty.

Eyebrow shaping style makes a huge difference to your facial appearance by emphasizing your eyes.

The eyebrow shaping for women should be of medium thickness and that suits the face.

Eyebrow shaping styles are of three types: Sweeping, angular, soft angular, flat, and round.

Sweeping: It is an eyebrow shaping style for all. It also enhances your eyes for any type of eye make-up. It helps to create your eyes appear as large. This shape mostly suits for those with large nose and triangular face.Eyebrow Shaping

Angular: An eyebrow shaping style for chubby and round face, which enhances the face more attractive. The shape defines your face in a well-designed form.

Soft Angular: The shape will be similar to the angular, but the endings look softer, fine, and attractive.

Flat: An eyebrow shaping style for long face. The shape gives small and oval look.

Round: It is an eyebrow shaping style for those who have big eyes and large forehead. This shape follows the eye and moves along the frontal bone. The shape gives innocent look with this natural flow of the eyebrow.

Shaping the eyebrows is also possible with eyebrow plucking, eyebrow threading, and eyebrow waxing.

Eyebrow plucking is one of the eyebrow shaping styles that can be done easily with the use of eyebrow stencil. Eyebrow stencils are used to give a perfect shape to the eyebrows in order to tweeze easily.

Before using eyebrow stencil, apply Pre-Tweeze Gel (cools your skin) to prepare brows for tweezing.

Using eyebrow stencil, arch your eyebrows as you desire and fill it with brow pomade, brow powder, or brow pencil. Now, with the help of a tweezer, remove the hair that is exterior to the stenciled area.

Comb the remaining brow hairs up and cut down the unwanted hair (if any) with scissors. Lastly soothe the skin by applying After Tweeze Cream to avoid redness or irritation.

Eyebrow threading is an old eyebrow shaping method that can be done using a cotton thread. For this procedure, one end of the thread will be held in the mouth and other end will be held in the hand.

Make a loop through the ends of the thread and place it on the hair, tight the hair with both hands, and tug the hair from the roots. After threading, apply astringent on the area to avoid redness of the skin.

Eyebrow waxing is also an eyebrow shaping style method that uses waxing strips to remove the unwanted hair on the eyebrows. These are similar to stencils, which are cut out in the middle in the shape of eyebrow.

Before using eyebrow waxing, numb the area with ice to ease the pain. A good moisturizer is applied to the area to avoid redness and swelling.

No matter what the technique you prefer, ensure that the eyebrow shaping style should suit your face type.


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