5 Wedding Beauty Looks You Can Try This Year

Every season comes with new trends for the brides. If you are preparing to get married this year, you should make sure that you know all about the latest trends. There are a lot to choose from so you can be sure that you will find one that is suitable for your personality.

Wedding Beauty Looks

1. Undone bun and glamorous eye

In order to add more texture to your hair you could twist it around a curling iron. Then gather the hair in the back into a loose bun. When it comes to makeup, opt for smoky eyes.

According to the latest trends, you should use copper shades. In case you will have an evening or afternoon ceremony, choose peachy colors for the lips.

2. Center part and rosy lips

If you are thinking about having a center part, here is a tip for you: apply some shine serum on the hair before you flat iron it.

Then gather the hair in the back for a half updo. For your lips, opt for petal pink lipstick. The point in this case is to draw the attention to your lips without them being too flashy.

3. Top knot and big lashes

The women who would like a black tie wedding should opt for a top knot. In order to get this done, gather the hair in the back into a high ponytail.

Wrap the hair around the base. To get rid of the frizzes you should apply some hairspray.

To have the perfect lashes that last all night you should start with lash primer. This way you will have a lot of volume. In the end, apply a layer of dark mascara.

4. Cascading waves and silver eyes

All the brides who are going for a feminine and soft look should consider waves. In order to get theperfect hairstyle, apply some shine serum and then wrap your strands around a large barrel curling iron.

Pick a strand at one side and pin it back at the base of the neck. Then move on to the makeup and choose a mercury eye shadow. It is best if it has a bit of sparkle so that it will reflect light.

5. Chignon and bold brows

Having a wind-swept texture is a major trend this year. To achieve the perfect look apply some dry shampoo and back comb the pieces in the front to add volume.

(photo by www.harpersbazaar.com)


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