What Do Your Footwear Say About You?

According to Shoe guru, Meghan Cleary, who has spent years studying women’s relationship with their footwear, your footwear reveals a lotabout you. There are 30 different kinds of “shoe personalities”, she says, some of which are –


  • Court Shoes – for confidence and comfort. Those who wear these are likely to be loyal and reliable friends.
  • Stilettos – look great but may be terrible for your back and may even give you bunions. Those who wear these are likely to do so when they want to conquer the world or to get a dream date.
  • Loafers, pumps and ballet flats – can be sensible but not the most flattering. Women who favor these may have a lot of drive and diplomacy. You know they will get the job done, and solve their own and other’s problems in the process!
  • Trainers – indicate that we love to dress down. However what they also indicate is that the person is likely to have leadership qualities, to be spontaneous and assertive. They indicate that the wearer loves action.
  • Platforms – that give height without the pain of stilettos. They indicate that the person wants to stand out in the crowd, but not at the expense of being fashion-obsessed. Trendy but practical is what they indicate!


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