Winter Cold and the Cracked Hands Care

The winter is surely a bad time for our hands. The skin gets irritated from the cold, so you should take special care of your hands. The most important thing is to wear gloves.

Don’t forget to humidify the air at home. Place a plate with rose water near the heater, for this will moisten the air. This is a simple measure, but very effective because it will keep your hand skin from over-drying.

hands care

Use a natural hand cream based on ingredients likecoconut oil, Shea butter and honey. They nourish and moisturize the skin.

You can try some herbal hand creams, but make sure they contain coltsfoot and nettle. These two herbs are famous for healing cracked hands, so try to find hand cream that contains them.

Another good thing you can do about your cracked hands is to apply homemade masks. For instance, after washing your hands, always apply few drops of lemon juice.

It restores the pH balance of your skin, not to mention it enriches the skin. You can also prepare a hand cream by yourself.

Mix together some unsalted butter with honey and herbs and add a drop of glycerin. This homemade cream is surely better than some products that contain petroleum and can be harmful for your skin.

Don’t forget that olive-oil is always good for you skin, so apply olive oil whenever you want.


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