Women Would Rather Be Beautiful than Healthy

A recent study has revealed that women’s priorities as regards health and beauty may be rather different than we imagined – women spend more on looks than health care, found a recent survey.

women-spend-more-on-looksWhen asked about their expenditures related to image vis a vis health care, women were seen to spend an average of $540 in a bid to look youthful and better, as opposed to spending only an average of 360 dollars on healthcare.

It is makeup, fake tans and skin care products that women are more willing to spend their money on, rather than health care products such as vitamins or a gym membership that could potentially make them healthier and fitter.

This shows that women are willing to take shortcuts to looking good, and in the bargain, may even be willing to compromise their health. Crash dieting, taking laxatives and taking diet pills to shed pounds quickly are just some of the things that women are willing to do to look good.

It is important to remember that looking good or being a certain size (read slim) is not necessarily a badge of good health, and there could be health problems that are not instantly visible. The fact however is that a balanced lifestyle is perhaps less of a priority than looking a certain way.


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