Worried About Your Feet? Pedicure For A Pleasing And Stylish Feet!

pedicureYou will squeeze your feet into the shoes, ignoring your nails and toes, for a fashionable look and demanding them to carry you all around.

But this makes your feet look a little worse for the wear.

Fortunately, you have simple and inexpensive tips to overcome this problem.

There are many things in your everyday life that makes your feet extremely painful such as uncomfortable shoes, all day standing, and airless boots.

Feet are supportive and act accordingly until they start hurt and refuse burdens. So, it is better to pedicure your feet for avoiding problems later in the future.

Pedicure Works Great For Taking Care Of Your Feet

Professional pedicure is soaking, exfoliation, moisturizing and possibly massaging your feet. This makes you feel amazing when you start taking care of your feet. With a little investment of money, time, and resources pedicure can be done sitting at home.

Start pedicure with removal of nail polish with a remover soaked cotton and then soak your feet in a soothing, hot water tub. Throw some salts or bath soap into the tub or it is better if you have a home footbath with bubbles. Allow this for 5-10 minutes, as the heat increases blood circulation in your feet and also softens your skin.

Now, after soaking, take a small brush to rub one foot at a time to eliminate the dead skin and to soften your feet. Place your foot back into the water once you remove the dead skin. Do the same for other foot.

Make use of a small quantity of foot scrub lotion to soften rough spots like heels or the sides of the toes. After massaging your feet with lotion, use a pumice stone for further rough skin. Pedicure is a great tool, so make some time for fashionable feet.

Once your rough skin is soften, take out your feet from water and parch them using a soft towel. Apply your favorite lotion and rub gently for relaxing your feet. If you have a partner to handle, then peppermint lotion is best.

After massaging your feet, trim and shape your nails with clippers and a file. Make use of a cuticle stick to repel your cuticles and a cuticle trimmer to remove excess cuticle skin. Be careful while doing this to avoid damaging the cuticle.

Now level out the surface of your nail by applying a solid base coat. This helps in finding out the lumpy areas before applying nail polish directly. After the base coat is dry, coat with your favorite nail polish.

A soft and light color gives you a conventional look where as bold and daring colors for a more stylishness. Apply a number of coats to increase the durability of your finish. Using a small cotton scrub dipped in remover, clean the untidy areas near the edges of your toenails.

A coat of clear sealer prevents cuts and scratches from hurting your pedicure masterwork. That’s all! Pedicure is over. Now, you gained very stylish, flattering feet and can wear any type of open-toe sandals.

After gaining stylish feet with pedicure, it’s time to maintain your feet healthy. So, wear comfortable shoes, regularly clean your feet to avoid fungal problems.


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