How 40 Something Celebrities Look 30 or Younger

In the world of celebrities everything is possible. We know a lot of celebrities who are over 40, but they hardly look 30. So what is their secret? What are they doing differently from all the other women? Maybe they know something that we don’t.

Toni Braxton

It is interesting to know that she is the oldest of the Braxton sisters. We have to admit that she certainly doesn’t show her age. It is understandable that she likes younger guys: she also apparently belongs to a younger age group. Her secret: while fighting cancer she discovered a healthy lifestyle and yoga.

Toni Braxton

Naomi Campbell

The super model is really a ‘super’ model. Although she is over 40 now she most definitely doesn’t show her age. Even more, she looks just as good as she did ten years ago. Rumors say she had some work done but she says it’s all about watching her diet and high quality facials.

Jennifer Aniston

She is one of the sweetest actresses of them all. Until now she managed to age beautifully and gracefully. It is possible that the fact that she doesn’t have any children helps her maintain her beauty and her figure. Also she is a fan of the Mediterranean diet and weekly yoga sessions.

Taraji P. Henson

The actress manages to look so young because of her magnificent complexion, not to mention that she has a lot of self-confidence. She also has an amazing personality. It looks like the way you feel inside really affects the way you look on the outside. Spa treatments and stress free lifestyle but also strict training sessions are behind her youthful look.

Gwen Stefani

We all know that the singer has some Italian genes and maybe these are maintaining her youthful look. She always looks great and full of energy. No wonder that the majority of people wouldn’t guess that she is also over 40. She is a fitness addict and she does cardio and Pilates on a daily basis. Also she is famous for her preference for spa pampering.

Kimberly Elise

If you compare the actress with the other actresses of Hollywood, most probably they would look a lot older than her. She must have a really well-kept secret to look this good even when she is over 40. Her secrets are rather simple: drinking water, Spartan diets and Thai massages and facials.

Mariah Carey

Although the singer is known to be yo-yo dieting from time to time, this doesn’t change her facial expression much. By this time we know that she has a more juvenile spirit and it looks like this is what helps her maintain her youthful look. She is also a fan of high quality beauty treatments she gets at the most notorious beauty salons.

Stacey Dash

The interesting thing about the actress is that she was already 30 when she got the role of a teenager. Later she was playing the same teenager in a television series. Even at this day she still manages to defy the aging process. She says she has good genes but she is also fond of quality beauty products and healthy eating, not to mention that she avoids unprotected sun exposure.

As we can see it’s not only your age that counts, but also your spirit.


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