How To Find A Hair Loss Shampoo That Will Really Work For You?

ProfollicaIf you are one of the 85 million men and women that face hair loss every year you are most likely looking for a hair loss product that is effective, affordable and will give you the results you desire.

Before choosing a hair loss product the first step is to understand how your hair loss is happening and how hair loss products remedy this situation.

The most common form of hair loss is due to a hereditary condition called Androgenetic Alopecia. How does this result in hair loss?

Well the condition is basically an overabundance of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone or DHT for short. This hormone is in the hair follicles and causes thinning of the hair and ultimately hair loss.

So how do the hair loss products work? Well, depending on the hair loss product you select, most of them contain an ingredient called Ketoconazole which is an inhibitor of DHT.

The reason people experiencing hair loss do not just take Ketoconazole orally because in tests it has been proven to damage the liver so the resulting way to administer the chemical is topically, through shampoo.

Now that you know what causes hair loss and how hair loss products work, it is time to find a hair loss product that is best for you. There are hair loss shampoo customer ranking and review sites which would be a really great resource for anyone in need of research for these products

There are some very expensive products on the market which can cost you nearly $100 a month as they should be used daily and there are hair loss shampoos that will cost around $25.00 a month.

There are hair loss products designed specifically for men and there are hair loss products designed specifically for women.

In our research with the help of customer rankings and reviews, we came up with ten hair loss products which are effective and somewhat affordable.

These are not in a top ten ranking we are just providing you with a how-to find effective and affordable hair loss products. Some of these products are more expensive than others.

  • Procerin
  • Advecia
  • Profollica
  • Nisim
  • Provillus
  • Hair Genesis
  • Viviscal
  • Revita
  • Nioxin
  • Phytocyane

There are numerous websites that can assist you in finding the hair loss products which best fit your needs.


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