How To Get Glowing Skin That Your Friends Will Envy?

Everyone wants healthy, beautiful skin with a healthy and beautiful glow.

During the summer months this is easily achieved, however during the fall and winter months it can be a bit more difficult to out-glow and out-shine our friends.

While many of us afford to get into the tanning beds other people have an aversion to fake tanning because of the cancer risks.

Tan skin does tend to look healthier and glow but with our tips on how to get glowing skin that your friends will envy you will be able to achieve skin that glows and looks healthy regardless of that fake tan.glowing skin

1. First of all you need to keep your entire body exfoliated. Many people do not understand the importance of exfoliating so allow us to explain it to you. Your body sheds dead skin cells constantly and until you scrub, wash or exfoliate those dead skin cells from your skin you will look just that – dead, flaky and dry. [body scrub]

By exfoliating your skin you are already one step closer to always looking fresh, alive and having a healthy glow because the skin that is on your surface is the newest and freshest skin.

2. Use a shaving cream. I used to shave with soap and water. And I always had razor burn. It never occurred to me why I always had razor burn until I learned that while I was shaving my legs I was actually drying out my skin at the same time. Play around with different types of shaving lotions and find one that suits you best.

Shaving lotions have hydrating qualities in them and you are far less likely to get nicks and cuts as well as razor burn. It is also important that you are using a good razor. I have been using my Venus for years but I have heard rave reviews about Gilette’s Mach 3 as well. Remember you get what you pay for. You don’t have to walk around with painful razor burn all the time.

3. Always moisturize your skin after a shower, bath or swim. I have been using Vaseline Intensive Care line of lotions for years as well as Lubriderm and Eucerin.

I also really like the moisturizers that Avon makes. In addition to moisturizing you should apply self-tanning lotion as well. This really does work and will give you even more of a healthy glow.


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