How to Handle a Chemical Peel?

If you have a chemical peel, you should know that caring for the skin after the procedure is just as important as the peel itself since this is the time when the skin gets renewed. The aftercare depends on the kind of peel that you had and the ingredients that were added to the serum.

Handle-a-Chemical-PeelWhat kind of treatment?

First of all, you have to know what kind of treatment you receive, what ingredients are added to the serum and the kind of aftercare that you need. If you get the treatment from a dermatologist or at a spa, your technician should tell you the kind of aftercare you should think about.

In case you have a superficial or light peel you should be able to return to your regular activities right after the treatment. Nonetheless the skin may be red and it could feel tight for up to 8 hours. In case of the more invasive procedures there is need for more time for recovery. Mainly, the recovery time depends on the chemical’s strength.

The supplies

You should have all the necessary supplies at hand. In case of a deep peel, the spa technician or the doctor will recommend you special overnight coverings, moisturizers and ointments to treat the areas that the peel was applied to. If you receive a deep peel, the skin will start flaking after a few days.

In this time women should avoid making special facial expressions and they should allow the skin to heal. It is possible for the skin to crack and to bleed. If this happens it is possible that you will end up with permanent scars on your face.

Why to have a chemical peel?

Usually the chemical peels are offered to the neck, face and hands. These can be used to reduce the fine lines around the mouth and under the eyes. In the same time they can make the wrinkles caused by aging, sun damage or family history disappear.

In case you have some mild scarring on the face, their look could be improved by a chemical peel and it can also treat certain kinds of acne. Freckles, age spots, and dark patches can also be improved. If the skin has a dull color and texture, the chemical peel can improve its overall look.

Pre-cancerous spots can also be treated and most probably they will disappear and never come back.


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