How To Treat Rosacea Naturally?

green teaRosacea is a skin disorder that is actually more common than most people think.

Rosacea gives the appearance of red and pink patches on the skin. While there are technically no cures for Rosacea there are many different treatments out there.

There are prescription medications you can take for your Rosacea symptoms and there are prescription topical ointments you can use. However we are going to tell you how to treat your Rosacea symptoms naturally.

The following guide to treating Rosacea symptoms is not to be used if you are pregnant.

Basically you are going to be incorporating green tea, apple cider vinegar; health supplements iBifidus and Acidophilus, Zinc and Vitamin A to your diet.

We encourage you to start drinking green tea due to its many benefits not just its ability to clear up Rosacea outbreaks. Have a cup of hot green tea before bed or treat yourself to an ice cold green tea latter in the morning.

Begin taking health supplements daily. Take them as instructed on the bottle as per your weight. Start taking Zinc, Acidophilus and Bifidus. Also take Vitamin A supplements however only take this during a Rosacea outbreak and take the maximum dosage allowable as per the instructions.

After eating your meals and snacks, add one teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to a glass of water. There is a chance that something in your diet is causing your Rosacea outbreaks. Therefore the point of taking Apple Cider Vinegar is to prevent reactions to the food if that is indeed what is causing your outbreaks.

Other remedies to consider while naturally treating your Rosacea outbreaks are to alter your diet and eat no more processed foods. Also avoid chocolate and spicy foods. Notice if your Rosacea outbreaks are decreasing once you start eliminating these things from your diet.


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