8 Best Tips To Smell Good – No More Body Odor Trouble

With the scorching heat, steadily increasing temperatures, constant sweating and perspiration, you tend to smell bad against all your wishes! But is the case so bad that you are driving even the mosquitoes away from you?  Are your secret armpit checks becoming more and more prominent? Is the bad odor giving your reputation a ‘foul’ image? It is then high time that you take some serious steps to prevent this bad body odor.

Everyone has encountered such a problem at one point or the other in their life and has subtly tried to escape it using excessive deodorants and antiperspirants. But giving it a deeper thought, are these products also one of the major sources of the bad odor? Read further to learn more about it and discard the trouble of body odor once and forever –

body odor trouble

Keep your skin dry

Dermatologists define the cause of bad body odor as the growth of bacteria on sweaty skin.  Therefore, keeping the skin dry is the most important way of treating the foul smell.

Bathe everyday

Take a bath EVERYDAY, preferably twice or thrice during summer season. It eliminates the growth of bacteria and keeps the body clean. Add white vinegar to a mug of water and rinse your armpits and feet with it as it will help in lessening the odor.

Wear breathable fibers

Wear the right clothes. Preferably cotton or natural fiber clothing to allow the skin to breathe freely thus, keeping the skin dry. Avoid wearing clothes which stick to the skin and cause irritation or itching.

Healthy diet

Eat healthy and eat right. Say no to spicy and pungent food items like onion, garlic or caffeinated drinks. They are known to emanate overpowering odors from your skin pores.

Keep your body hydrated

Drink lots and lots of water to flush out the toxins from your body. It not only drives away the odor but also helps you to stay calm and fresh.

Don’t overuse fragrances and chemicals

Limited use of deodorants and antiperspirants is also suggested to avoid the foul smell. They create a block against sweating and perspiring thus, eliminating the smell. However, having said that, excessive use of these products can be harmful for the body. They may also lead to discoloration of skin due to complete blockage of pores which consequently prevents the elimination of toxic wastes from the body.

Frequently use talc

Applying talc or baby powder also helps in getting rid of the foul smell.

Use Detox

Last but not the least; consider a detox as cleansing the body helps in not one but many ways. Consult a doctor if the problem still persists.

With all these tips, we hope that you have an odor-free summer! Keep clean, keep healthy and stay fresh!

Photo Credit By: rokderm.com


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