5 Common Makeup Mistakes

If you wear make-up every day, you are probably quite aware of how a small mistake can ruin a gorgeous look.

Here’s how to eliminate the most common make-up blunders:

Common makeup blunders

1. Too much foundation

If you have committed this common, but glaring error, lightly moisten a clean sponge with water and remove excess in a downward movement.

2. Boundless blush

Many people make this mistake because they think more is better in this area. Essentially, the main purpose of applying blush is to make you look more natural.

Be aware that too much does completely the opposite and try to choose a peachy pink blush color that enhances your natural glow.

3. Eyeliner errors

When applying eyeliner, you may tend to keep it quick and simple and apply only to the bottom of your eye. However, this can make your eyes look tired and droopy. To get the most sophisticated results, take time and care to apply it both to the top and bottom of your eye.

4. Using dark lip liner

If your lips have a good shape, you probably don’t need any lip liner. However, if you feel that you need a lip liner, be sure to use one that matches with your lipstick or go for a natural color which blends well with any color lipstick.

5. Applying lipstick to chapped lips

Never apply lipstick to chapped lips, as it can aggravate the condition. Instead, apply lip balm or Vaseline to keep lips soft and moist. If you feel you must wear lipstick, apply lip balm before the lipstick.


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