7 Golden Rules For A Perfect Makeup

Every woman likes to be the center of attention, to be careful with the way she looks and the accessories she wears, the way she styles her hair or wears her makeup.

Regardless the style and the chosen colors there are rules that have to be followed, in order to have a well tended skin and with it a beautiful face.

1. Take care of your skin daily

You have to be careful and always offer the skin the hygiene and the hydration it really needs.Makeup

No matter how much in a hurry or excessively tired a woman is, she must not forget about removing makeup in the evening and cleaning the face in the morning. A face scrub and a nutritive mask are necessary at least once a week.

2. Consider the light

If you prefer to put on the makeup in front of the large mirror bathroom, in artificial light you have to verify the masterpiece on your face in the natural light. This operation will save you the unpleasant surprise of having put on too much makeup.

3. Use matching colors

The temptation and the difficulty of choosing when in front of a colorful make up kit may be great but in order to get an astonishing result, you have to consider that not all colors are matching one another. The right recipe for a successful make up is to use maximum three matching nuances and also be very careful of the warm colors-cold colors combination.

4. Step by step make-up

It is wise not to jump over the steps. The face skin always comes first because it reflects the light and the expression and influences decisively the final makeup. After putting on foundation and the face blush the next step are the eyes.

Here, it is recommended to start with the eye makeup colors and finish with the eyeliner. Finish the makeup with the lipstick because this way is a lot easier to make it fit the rest of the face.

5. Stick to the purpose

The right way to go is not to overwhelm the face with too much color. The best thing is to emphasize either your eyes or your lips and never put the accent on both at the same time. Considering that the eyes of a person are always attracted to color if you are presenting a project inside a conference hall, always put the accent on the lips, but if you have the intention to look for the man of your dreams the eyes are the priorities.

6. Make the best of you

There is no such thing as perfect face. Hiding or help overlooking are the purpose of the makeup. Forgetting about flaws and playing with qualities is a good idea.

7. Smile

The best way to add value to a beautiful makeup is to light it with a smile. This will make your eyes shine and you will look amazing.


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