A Return To The 70s Look For The Next Summer

If the message from the London Fashion Weekis to be taken at face value, it is the Seventies look that is making a comeback. Here are some tips to recreate the blast from the past look –

Make up

  • The accent is on perfect, even, luminous skin with a winsome glow produced by brushes. Product recommended for this look is L’Oréal Paris 235 Made For Me Natural Lipstick and Revlon’s PhotoReady Compact Foundation.
  • The softer rounder look for the eyes replaces the more feline smoky look. Pastels make a comeback, with the addition of some disco sparkle. It is shades of lemon, baby pink and acid green that rule the roost for the eyes. Liner needs to be as thin as possible and mascara is all but out.
  • The weather beaten brown hue gives way to flawless porcelain skin, and it is the chic look that one aims for.
  • Also, seventies hair is back! It used to be neither curled nor waved – it is the kinked hair of the 70sthat is making a big comeback. Large and loose is the way to go – think Bardot hair and you have an idea of the trends we are going to see next summer.


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