All New Look – Face Make Up!

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? No matter however you are born face make up makes it possible for you to get that attractive beautiful look which makes you stand out among others.

With modern face make up kit in hand you can do magic on your face! Trust me you will love that stunning look! All New and Yours!

You will no doubt steal the show but also get that confidence to face the world.

Face make up is one such mankind invention which is pretty well a boon for all the ladies who seek to look young, radiant and of course more beautiful! Try it out!

You can do this face make up all by your self. What you need to have is a perfect face make up kit for that wonderful job to be done all by you.face make up

Remember to select a good branded and high quality face make up kit to avoid any allergies or skin irritations and to be away from acne and blemishes.

Face make up kit should comprise of good moisturizer, concealer, foundation, compact or powder, blusher, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipliner and lipstick. That’s it you can readily start your face make up now. Get Set To Look Beautiful!

Clean and dirt free! Yes first of all you need to clean your face, make sure you use a good face wash for cleansing purpose. After washing your face pat dry. Apply a bit of water based moisturizer and then start your face make up.

Now take a good concealer with your finger tip and apply it on to the acne or blemishes if you have any and spread it evenly to cover up. If your skin is acne free then you can skip this step right away.

Now comes the turn of a foundation. Select your foundation according to your complexion and skin tone. Apply foundation with a sponge or your finger tips will be ok. Spread evenly and uniformly the foundation later use a powder or a compact to make the foundation last long.

Color Your Cheeks! Yes if you want to give your cheeks a blushing look then use a blush. You can pretty well use a bit darker shades to highlight your cheek bones. All you dark skin ladies can use a copper shade and fair complexion ladies go for pink and peaches. There you are half way through your face make up!

Eyes Beloved Eyes! Make them look more expressive and beautiful. You can do lots of make up on your eyes. Enhance them with eyeliner; use a pencil form to well define them. Eyeshadow will help you highlight your eyes remember that this should suit with the color of your eyes. [Eye make up]

Big Long Eyelashes! Make it possible. Get some artificial eyelashes if you want those long thick eyelashes all at once. If you are pretty well satisfied with what you have then go for mascara and eyelashes shaper to give them that thick, prominent and proper wavy shape. Two single coats of mascara should be good enough for that perfect finish.

What for those Sexy Lips! A Lipliner should be used to give your lips to accentuate the color and shape of your lips followed by the application of a good shade lipstick to get that perfect mood.

Select the lip color according to your dress and of course the occasion is very important. Don’t you dare to put that dazzling party wear color to you r office that will look weird and spoil the entire show. You can give that lustrous shiny look to your lips to make them all sexy and nice.

Wow! There you are with a perfect look and ready to attack with those killer looks. So Get Set Go!


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