Applying Eye Makeup Tips

We all have needed, at some point or the other, applying eye makeup tips. Not all of us are gifted with creative hands in applying makeup, especially those in our eyes. Many a time we have to go to the beauty saloon to have our face fixed. The only problem is that we have to pay for it.

applying-eye-makeup-tipsYou can find tips on how to apply eye makeup almost everywhere and you don’t need to be a makeup guru to follow them. Even a little girl can experiment with these tips on her own. You only need enough time and practice to perfect these tips. In the end, you’ll be the one to benefit from all these.

They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. By the use of ‘applying eye makeup tips’ we will help you make your eyes stand out, and draw everybody’s attention to them.

Applying eye makeup tips include proper ways of using your eye cosmetics such as eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara. These are thebeauty essentials that can make your eyes a sure winner. Though many are using these products, they still fail to use them correctly and appropriately.

Before you end up with peculiar looking eye makeup and embarrassing yourself in public, check out these applying eye makeup tips on using different eye cosmetics:

Applying your eyeliner

There are different kinds of eyeliners in the market today. The most popular are eye defining pencils, liquid eyeliners, and permanent eyeliners. They may differ in some ways but they’re all designed to outline your eyes.

In applying your eyeliner, choose neutral colors like black, brown, plum, khaki, or navy blue which are all ideal for any eye color. When applying eyeliner, pull the corner of your eye carefully and gently. Trace a fine line with the liner angled towards your eyelashes.

Our tips for you when you apply your eye makeup include the kind of look you want to portray when you use an eye liner. Go light when you want to look natural. On the other hand, thick and darker shades are perfect for that dramatic look.

Applying your eye shadow

It’s fun to play with colors especially when it comes to choosing the right eye shadow shades. Applying eye makeup tips strictly suggest that you have to match your eye shadow with the color of your clothes. This is the safest thing to do.

When applying your eye shadow, use dark tones above your lashes and lighter ones near your brow. You can use powder or cream shadows or combine both for greater impact. One thing to remember is that less is best, especially during the day.

Applying your mascara

Use mascaras that contain a curling formula to prevent torturing your lashes with those curlers. Practically speaking, you only need two coats of mascara. Apply the first coat and let it dry before applying the second one.

Applying eye makeup tips are just to guide you; the real talent of course lies in your hands.


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