Recreate the Arabic Eye Make Up Style of 2010

You should already be familiar with the Arabic eye make up style by now because it’s all over the magazine covers, lifestyle and fashion television shows. Celebrities and makeup artists favor this makeup style because of its fabulous look.

The Arabic eye make up is unlike the traditional makeup colors and combinations. It uses deep, vibrant and layers of different eye colors to create the Arabic eye make up look. And it is highlighted by different colors of eyeliners that contrast the deep-colored eye colors.

arabic-eye-make-upYou may not be used to loud colors for the eyes and may want to recreate the Arabic eye make up with a hint of restraint to it. You can try by using the same technique of application but, using lighter shades. Here are easy tips to recreate the Arabic eye makeup you want.

Recreating the Arabic Eye Make Up

Daytime Arabic Eye Make Up

Start by applying a glistening or shimmering shade onto the eyelids as your base. Begin application from the bottom of the upper lash line until the top of the entire eyelids.

Then choose a darker eye color shade and apply it starting from the base until the top of the crease, this will serve as your highlighting shade. Extend the eye color and create a wing-like shape that ends at the same length of the eyebrows.

Choose a light colored, sparkling eye shadow and apply it from the inner eyelid that ends at the mid area of the brows.

Nighttime Arabic Eye Make Up

You can recreate your daytime Arabic eye makeup into a perfect party night Arabic eye makeup. Choose a deeper color than your highlight eye shade and apply it from the crease line until the brow area. Add more contrasting colors that will extend on the shades you have created earlier.

Blend the colors using a blending brush on the ends and where the different colors meet. Then use a lighter eye shadow to highlight the upper brows, preferably a cream colored or white eye shadow to put more emphasis on your eyes.

Then choose a dark eye crayon to be applied on top of the eyelid. Lastly, use black liquid eyeliner and make a thin line from the inner eyelid up to the outer eyelid and extend it upto the wing shape you have earlier created.

To put more character and give an authentic Arabic eye makeup look, apply full volume lash lengthening mascara.

More Tips

If you have large or heavily-lidded eyes, you can still use Arabic eye make up with a little modification. To create more eye depth use lighter eye colors and simply use the darker eye shades to highlight an area of the eyelids.

You may also use black or brown liquid eye liner on your upper lashes. To create a more flattering look use the eye liner thinly from the inner corner and gradually thicken as it reaches the outer corner of the eye. Naturally large eyes can use liners underneath the eyes, beginning on the outer corner and slowly disappearing as it reaches the inner corner.

Large eyes can also use sultry Arabic eye make up by smudging darker, deeper eye shades on the eyelid. Then use a medium eye shadow tone to highlight the eye crease. Finish your Arabic eye makeup by using a primer for the lashes to create a natural curl and then apply long lash and volume mascara.


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