Basic Steps To Apply Make Up

I am sure all of you out there will agree with me that all women desire a flawless, young looking skin, no matter what age they are.

To some it means spending a huge amount of money to achieve that effect, but, what about women who just makes enough money for the family?

Do not be troubled because there are simple ways you can muster to create the look you want. This is not however masking your flaws, but, the objective is to create the day look that will keep you looking radiant and fresh the whole day.


The first step to getting that flawless skin is by having a daily routine on basic skin care which begins with cleansing, thenexfoliating (once or twice a week only), toning, followed by moisturizing and just before you apply your make up, have a very good sun protection which can be included in your moisturizer or foundation. This daily routine will keep your skin clean, free from blemishes and looking supple.

Now you are set for the make-up application.

Begin with your concealer, apply a very small amount onto areas you want to lift or hide like the area around the eyes, beside the nose or pimple scars. Spread it evenly using your ring finger until it blends with your face color.

Then get a small amount of foundation and apply it evenly onto your face, the technique is by layering, do not apply a large amount all at the same time as it will look flaky and thick.

The next thing to focus are your eyebrows, get an eyebrow pencil that is the same color of your hair, if you’re used to using dark colored eye make-up you may do so.

The technique is to apply light feathery strokes covering the inner eyebrow slowly arching it just before finishing at the sides. Use a brush to soften the look then apply a colorless mascara to keep it in place.

After the eyebrows are set you may now choose at least 2 eye colors, a lighter shade for the base and mid shade to highlight the eyes.

Apply the light shade covering the entire upper eye lid to create a sheer look using a flat eye brush. Then apply the mid shade using a tapered brush, this color should cover the area between the eye lid and eye crease and after that blend the 2 colors together.

Another optional shade is the dark shade that is applied using an angled brush; this color is applied sparingly from across the eye crease. Finally, use a curlash then apply your mascara being careful, not make the eye lashes stuck together.

You are now ready to apply a mid tone cheek color sweeping it from the cheeks and across your face disappearing just before you reach the nose bridge.

Then you can now put color to your lips, start with a lip liner that is of a darker shade then your lipstick and apply lip gloss on top of the lipstick.

Remember the rule; use a light lipstick if you want to highlight your eyes by using a dark shade and use a dark lipstick if you want to highlight your lips then go light with your eye colors.

Never use both dark shades for the eyes and lips. Last is to sweep a loose powder across your face to create the matte finish, then you are all set to go!


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