Best Fall Makeup Tips for Dark Skin

Regardless of the season, all women wish to look their best. In case you have a dark skin tone and you are looking for a new look this fall, there are a lot of ideas that you might try and, who knows, you might find a look that you simply fall in love with.

Nude Lips

Nude lips

This trend is just great because you can apply the nude lipstick without a mirror. Due to its creamy texture it will look really polished without you having to waste time with it. In order to make the best of the look you should apply a rosy blush and a few layers of mascara. The nudes tinged with bronze look simply amazing with dark skin.

Green Eyes

Green eyes

It is very easy to apply green eyeshadow and if you add a hint of gold to it, you can achieve an absolutely elegant look. Dark skinned women normally have brown eyes which can be enhanced by the green color. In this case less is more. Apply the eyeshade to the upper lash line and blend it in using a Q-tip.

Purple Nails and Lips

Purple nails and lips

Women just love purple because it is glamorous, bold, and unexpected. Although all purple hues look amazing, you have to make sure that you don’t overdo it. You should make sure that if you wear purple lipstick, you don’t apply purple eyeshadow and vice versa.

Velvety Eyes and Lips

Velvety eyes and lips

In order to achieve the perfect results you should be looking for the products with intense pigments and silky textures. The result shouldn’t be matte, that will make the lines harsh, or shimmery, that would accentuate the fine lines. The best thing about the velvety look is that it works for just any occasion.



When it comes to the eyeshadows, copper is one of the best choices out there. This is because it gives the eyes a natural glow and it will make them stand out. Although the color is just perfect for the more special occasions, you can wear it to the office as well.

Medium Grey

Medium grey

Although the majority of women are afraid of wearing grey, they should give it a try. You can use different shades of grey to achieve a smokey effect, which will make the eyes seem larger. Even the simpler styles can make the eyes pop.

Consider that this is the time for you to try as many styles and colors as you can and don’t be afraid to try new tricks to look beautiful.


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