Best Tips To Make You Make-up Last Longer

Here are some tips that will definitely help you obtain a professional-looking makeup.

Best Tips To make You Make-up Last Longer

Exfoliate and Moisturize

In order to remove dead skin you should exfoliate twice a week (once if you have sensitive skin). After you finished exfoliating, apply a moisturizer that will smooth your skin. Wait 15 minutes and then you may apply the foundation. In case if you have dry skin, moisturizing isn’t a recommendation, it’s a necessity. Otherwise, your flaws will be accentuated and you will look tired and older.

Use Primers

Use a silicone primer because in this way your skin won’t change texture, and will also provide, a smoother and better base for your foundation. Apply it with your fingers. The most important areas are the lips and the chin and the eyelids. After you apply the primer on the eyelids, wait for it to dry and then go on with your makeup. Your eye shadows will stay put all day.

Choose Waterproof

When you are choosing waterproof products, both mascara and eyeliner, focus rather on the quality than the price. These products define the eye, so it’s essential to keep them from running. Once you have used a waterproof eyeliner, apply over a powder eye shadow, or maybe some liquid eyeliner, which will provide a better finish. Liquid eyeliners are better than the pencil because they last longer.

Focus on the Face

If you want a matte finish, use a medium coverage liquid foundation, and for something more natural, apply a loose powder. For the best effect use a large powder brush and focus on the T-zone. Take care how much concealer you use because after a long time it becomes more visible. Pick mousse blushes instead of powder ones.

Create Sensual Lips

Before applying anything on your lips, use a lip balm and wait ten minutes until the color of your lips sets. If you want to define your lips, use a colorless liner and apply over it your usual lipstick. For a longer lasting, use matte lipsticks. For a classy effect, you must try using lip liner and gloss.

Take Everywhere Your Tissues

From pressing them on your skin after applying foundation to gently blotting any extra lip balm before using lipstick, tissues should become your best friend, so keep them close. If you have oily skin, the best solution is to place a tissue over the shiny portion, pressing gently and then removing it, without moving left or right.


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