Bright Eyes For Spring 2011

Bold is in and every aspect of fashion has been contaminated by it. Bold lip color have been the choice for sometime so it is no surprise that the leading fashion houses are now promoting bold eye colors too. When used judiciously they not only look great but add a striking feature to the whole look.

Bold colors can be used to create a fun look or even a dramatic look, depending on how they are used.


Bold eye shadows like green and yellow could be used all over the eyelid to create an arresting look or they could be used as eyeliners to bring about the dramatic aspects. Colored mascara and eyeliners are the way to go this spring. The leading designer houses are all advocating these bold new colors.

Bold colors need to be used with care as they can easily look garish and out of place, but when used with care they add oodles to the oomph factor.


It pays to go all out with the new colors in fashion but if one is not too sure about it they can still incorporate them in their look as highlights. Lime green eyeliner can be easily combined with a favorite brown shade to bring in the boldness with caution.

Greens, yellows, blues, pinks, fuchsia … there are plenty of colors to choose from. It is now time to say good bye to all the subtle and nude shades and welcome these bold colors with care.


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