Burlesque Makeup For A Diva Look

Burlesque makeupBurlesque is in! Not just the full figure but also the complete look.

In fact it seems as if real women have taken to war against the thin, zero figure looks.

It is a sexy curvaceous look with all the restraint.

The right make up can make a woman look like a burlesque diva from the 40’s and 50’s.

A look starts with the skin, so be it. The tanned, sun kissed and bronzed skin is no longer in. It is the snow white and, oh, so smooth, skin that is causing all the flutter.

It is the first step to looking like a burlesque diva. This look can be achieved with the right kind of matt body foundation.

Remember to apply plenty of moisturizer on the face before you start applying the makeup. The pancake pin up look can cause a lot of dryness to the skin. Give the face a matt foundation to achieve a smooth flawless skin. The end result should be a shine free matt look.

Well defined dark eyebrows which stand out are next in line. Use dark and clean colors for the eyes and lips to enhance the burlesque looks. Use a black liner and dark shades of eye make up to achieve a smoky look or even the cat look. Remember to keep the lines clean.

Reds, pinks, wines, plums and maroons are the colors, to be used on lips. Remember to define the lips sharply. Use the same colors for your nails.

The Burlesque look is about dark vibrant colors against the fair matt skin. As the trend is back for these holydays it is time to go retro.


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