Celebrity Makeovers to Inspire You This Spring

As spring comes, we are all looking for a fresh start, and maybe this new start should begin with a brand new look. In case this is something that you would like to achieve, but you don’t know where to start, maybe the celebrities could inspire you.

Drew Barrymore

For years she was known for having ombre locks, but it looks like she needed a change and this year she has been spotted with red hair. This is the way in which the actress is preparing for the new season.

Adrianne Palicki

Adrianne-PalickiWe really got used to the sweet looks of the actress, but for her role in Wonder Woman she has chosen another hair color.

This time she got raven, and she also got some blunt bangs. We have to admit that she couldn’t have chosen a trendier style.

Brooklyn Decker

Since the warm weather is drawing nearer, she felt like some change was in order. This is why she has chosen to give her long locks up and go for a layered and bouncy bob.

Katherine McPhee

A lot of people have been saying that short, blonde hair wasn’t the most advantageous for her. Maybe she started listening to these voices and she ditched the style. Now she can be seen with a wavy bob, and she has also gave the color up in favor of being brunette.


Hilary Duff

She’s not the sweet little girl anymore that we got used to. For this season she opted for a more mature look.

She gave up the waves and went for a straight hairstyle with bangs.

Leona Lewis

It looks like Leona Lewis has everything that this season has to offer. She got bored with her long locks, so she opted for a shorter hairstyle, and to be totally trendy the blunt bangs couldn’t miss either. In case you are following her lead you shouldn’t forget about luminous skin and the bright lipstick.

Kate Winslet

The actress was best known for her long, blonde, wavy hair, and she shocked everybody when she gave it up. She has been seen on the cover of Vogue magazine with a platinum pixie. It looks like the pixie-craze won’t end anytime soon.

As you can see the celebrities are willing to change their signature look from time to time and maybe this season you could do the same, just to spice things up.

(photo credit: www.dailymakeover.com)


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