Your Guide to DIY Wedding Make Up

A wedding make up isn’t just like any other kind of makeup. You want it to be something more special that looks good on the photos and also that can resist through hours of kissing and dancing. There are some tips and tricks that you could use.

Avoid creamy products as part of your make up for the wedding

Wedding Make Up

Blushes, eyeliners and eye shadows that have a creamy texture are popular because it is easy to applythem, but they aren’t the best for a wedding. They have a tendency of soaking into the skin and after a while they lose their vibrancy. In case you are looking for make up for a wedding that lasts longer, you should opt for powder blush and eye shadow and pencil or long-wear gel eyeliner.

Let one of the features shine

This advice seems to be outdated, because in our days the entire face is glowing and shining, but you should really consider it for yourwedding make up.

In case you don’t want to be too shiny or sparkly (especially in case of outdoor weddings), you should choose one feature that you will use shine on.

The rest of the face should be kept relatively matte. As an example in case your eye shadow has shimmer in it, then you should go for a semi-matte lip color instead of a glossy one.

Start with the eyes

You should be really careful when working on your make up for the wedding, but it is still possible that the liner and shadow will sprinkle down as you blend. To have a precise wedding make up you should take a damp tissue and dust under your eyes and cheeks after you are done with the eyes and then apply the foundation and the concealer.

Curl the lashes

You might not want to include faux lashes in your make up for the wedding because they look best if they are applied by a professional, and you can achieve about the same results with a lash curler and black mascara.

The trick is to curl the lashes when they are dry, not after washing your face. Otherwise the weight of the water will drag the lashes down, and they won’t stay curly. Clamp the curler close to the roots thenapply the mascara.

No extra moisturizer

Women have a tendency to apply extra moisturizer for their wedding make up because they want the glow to last all day, but all they achieve is that the foundation doesn’t adhere as it should. The moisturizer should be used to hydrate the skin where it is needed and to make the foundation slide on more easily.

Check the neck

When preparing the make up for the wedding you should also check your neck, because the white dress could make it look like it has a different shade. Make sure that your face, neck and décolletage are of the same shade, because this is something visible on photos as well.

Now you know how you should make your wedding make up so go be a fabulous looking bride.


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