Turn Heads with Your Dramatic Eye Makeup

Everyone knows that one of the main reasons models look so beautiful in magazines and on television is because they generally are covered in makeup and have their pictures airbrushed long after they are taken.

Dramatic eye makeup is one of the best ways to grab people’s attention, which is why it is often used by models in various media outlets.

Dramatic eye makeup

If you want people to spend time looking at you because of your alluring eyes, then this is the type ofeyeshadow makeup that you should be using.

Anyone who wants to turn heads at a big event should definitely look into using dramatic eye makeup.

You will need a lot of practice before the big event, so don’t go out of the house without first attempting this makeup technique a few times.

It will take a lot of patience, but you eventually get the handle of this exquisite form of makeup.

This is a rather difficult style of makeup to apply, which is why the models rarely like to do their own makeup. To get this style done perfectly, you should really seek the help and advice of a professional.

Then again, not many people can afford to spend time and money at a parlor for makeup, so most people just have to learn how to do this themselves.

The Essentials for dramatic eye makeup

It’s very hard, almost impossible, to put together dramatic eye makeup without the proper tools at hand. Having the right items is almost important as proper applying the makeup. You are going to need the following makeup items for proper dramatic makeup application: an eye pencil, liquid eye liner, mascara, makeup brushes and multiple shades of eye shadow.

When picking an eye pencil, pick whichever one has a deeper shade to it. This general rule can be applied to basically all of the items you are going to need. You will need dark shades of everything you use expect you should be using dark and light shades of eye shadow.

Where to begin

You need to start with your eyebrows when attempting to create dramatic eye makeup. This is the most important of the entire process, and your brows could end up making or breaking the appearance of your makeup.

Anyone who has eyebrows that are rather light should make sure to darken them up a bit, but you don’t really need to worry about changing the color if your eyebrows are already rather dark.

Applying the proper eyeliner can be rather difficult for most women, and you will probably commit a lot of errors in this part for your first few attempts. You will only get better with plenty of patience and practice. Practicing this makeup style as often as possible is worth it because then you will be able to bust out this look at any time you want.

Hopefully these tips have been helpful for you in your quest to put together the perfect eye makeup. Dramatic makeup is hard to put together, but there is nothing better once you have done it properly.


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