The Most Drastic Celebrity Makeovers 2011

Women like to have some changes from time to time. This is why we might have seen celebrities such as Katy Perry, Lauren Conrad and Blake Lively who decided to dye their hair and stars like Vanessa Hudgens, Evan Rachel Wood and Jennifer Aniston who decided to give up their locks.

Lindsay Lohan

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Scarlet Johansson

We are used to seeing her with blonde hair, but there are some roles for which she accepted to give them up, and in the last year she became redheaded for a while. The change didn’t last long, and at the end of the year she returned to her usual blonde hair. Nonetheless the hue is a bit different.

Evan Rachel Wood

In March we have seen her with long and golden locks, something that we got used to until now. It was a bit of shock when she appeared on the red carpet in Venice having a golden pixie. What makes a girl give up those beautiful long locks?

Eva Mendes

People were all taken aback when they saw Eva Mendes with a beehive and more than extremeeyeliner. Since the similarity is remarkable, people were saying that she might be starring in Amy Winehouse biography. In fact the truth is that she was the costar of Kylie Minogue in another movie.

Dianna Agron

At the beginning of last year we have all seen this cute little girl with vintage tresses and a classic makeup. She decided to end the year having a shaggy bob. We also have to mention that last year she has been experimenting with pink hair and textured tresses too. Don’t forget about the hot eye makeup that she tried either.

Lindsay Lohan

At a moment she has been spotted having discolored teeth, and after the photo has been seen by all over the world she decided to visit one of the most well-known dentists of celebrities and got her teeth whitened. After this she made some hot photos for Playboy, and at the moment it looks like things are really working out for her.

Drew Barrymore

At the beginning of the year she has been seen having ombre hair, but later she opted for being aredhead. In the end she said goodbye to 2011 while having dip dyed hair. Now we can say that she is a true fashion chameleon. What else could a girl want from hairstyles and makeup?


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