Exercise and Workout Makeup Tips

Now exercising and working out are hardly the ideal times to be wearing makeup – it is a time when you’re (presumably) going to be sweating a lot – not the most conducive to makeup. However any number of women will be most unwilling to leave the house without makeup, much less go all the way to the gym with a bare face.

So it you want to go to the gym and workout while also wearing a ‘face’, then here are some tips that may help –

1.Do your makeup about an hour before you head to the gym so that the makeup has time to set.

2.Concentrate on the eyes – these are the most expressive feature of most features and well made up eyes will give yourface look attractive, bright and fresh.

Workout Makeup Tips

Go with some well applied but not thick eyeliner and a hint ofsmoky shadow and use plenty of mascara.

3.For the lips, use a colored lip gloss or a tinted chap stick rather than bright colored lipsticks. They will smear and can cause a mess, and will also dry out the lips.

4.Also skip the foundation and the bronzer and the blush if at all possible. The foundation will mix with the sweat, it will smear, and smudge and cake up, making it look rather unattractive (which is the opposite of what you need).

5.The best thing is to use a tinted moisturizer, which is absorbed easily and which gives color without looking obvious. If you must use something for spots or blemishes, use a bit of concealer and blend well.

And if the foundation is really unavoidable, use a cream based one rather than a powder because that will cake and mess up more easily.

6.Wear the hair off the face. Hair getting on to the face is going to make you look messy, it will spoil makeup and will make you sweat more. So the best thing to do is to get it off the face in a smart ponytail or in a causal up-do.

7.The other hair tip is to wear a head band or a sweat band to keep hair and sweat out of the eyes and off the face. This will further protect the makeup.

8.It is best to use waterproof makeup; particularly the eyeliner and mascara which tend to streak and cause the worst mess. Many makeup companies do make cosmetics specially for exercise which also can be used.


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