5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting Eye Shadow Colors

Eye shadow or eye make-up colors add a new look and dimension to your face.

Accentuating the natural look of your eyes and making them look brighter and more beautiful is significantly achieved with a good eye shadow color.

Selecting the right eye shadow color is very important to accentuate the entire look of your face.

Here are a few common mistakes that many women make when selecting eye shadow colors.

  1. Selecting favorite color
  2. One of the most common mistakes anyone can make is selecting an eye shadow color. Even though it may feel natural to purchase your favorite color, avoid making this mistake and ask a make-up specialist to help you decide what is best for your complexion and outfits.

  3. Going for shimmers
  4. Unless you are young, don’t go for eye shadows that add shimmer. This is because shimmer shades tend to accentuate lines around your eyes. Be very aware of it.

  5. Selecting matching colors with outfit
  6. Like choosing of eye shadow colors, many people make this mistake when selecting lip or blush shades. Try to avoid this happening and go for what fits any specific outfit.

  7. Using wrong shades
  8. Make sure you know what kind of event you are preparing your look for. It is essential to know the atmosphere when selecting eye shadows. For instance, for regular wear don’t go for dazzling eye shadow colors.

  9. Going with hottest trend
  10. Even if it is the hottest trend to apply golden color eye shadow, don’t simply follow it for that reason. Always try to go with the color that gives a natural look to your eyes and enhances your overall look.


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