Beautify The Windows Of Your Soul

Here are some beauty tips for your eyes that certainly will help you choosing the best make-up. In case you want to add more length to your lashes, apply a very light tone powder on the lashes and then use mascara. It will give more volume to your lashes. Always use waterproof eyeliner and get rid of unflattering smudges.

Another good way to open your eye-look is to use soft and neutral colors eye shadows. In case you are a fan of the darker tones you must be careful, because they give an old look to your face.

eye makeupSwitch to brown, chocolate and all kinds of neutral shades that make you look younger and give the expression of fresh look.

eye shadesDon’t apply eye-cream in the day, because it leaves an oily mark under your eyes. Use it only while you sleep. For the famous “smoky eyes look” simply use soft brown and grey colors.

Always apply the smoky eye first, then the foundation. This will prevent eventual smudges from the eye shadow dust.


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