Blue Eyes, Green Eyes, Dark Eyes And Their Make Up

eye makeupIt is truly attractive to have a pair of eyes, gleaming with the rays of sunlight making more beautiful the unique shade of color they have.

But one can further enhance the color of the eye with a little help from the cosmetics available in the shops.

Basic knowledge on what shade of make-up will match the eye color will help a person in accentuating the eyes for a richer, more brilliant look.

Initially, one should decide on how to play with the various shades of colors that perfectly blends with the type of eye color one has. Choose to highlight the eye with the use of eye shadows, eye liner or mascara.

When choosing the type of eye shadow application, options may vary from three categories named standard, smoky or extreme. Enhancing the eye shadow with the contrasting colors will help in picking the right shade that will make the eyes stand out.

Brown eyes appear a lot young-looking with soft pink shades, beiges, apricots and light champagne shades. For a glowing effect, using coppers, khaki green and doe browns will certainly do a little magic. To make them eccentric and modish, shades of hot pinks, bright green and neon blue will do.

However, blue eyes will surely look bigger with light-colored shadow such as beiges, brown and chocolates while they can have a smokier look when using charcoals and dark grey. Shades of bright berries, silver or turquoise blue will also give an extreme look to them.

For the green eyes, a dab of golden shades as well as plums, purples or mauve berry can produce nice sparkling effect. Green eyes glare with vivid limes, purples, or fuchsia shades.

For the eyeliners, using the right color can also increase emphasis to the eyes creating a statement. Brown eyes remain great with charcoal gray, black and chocolate brown eye liners. One can experiment with navy blue, rusty brown or lighter gray for a peculiar appearance of brown eyes.

Gray, medium blue or brown eye liners perfectly match the blue eyes. But for a funkier look, blue eyes can go with deep gold, copper or bronze colors.

Eye liners in forest green, brown or deep gold color harmonize with green or hazel eyes. But if one wants to be different, trying on with gray, deep pewter or navy colors can also be fun.

Always bear in mind that make-ups that help in emphasizing the eyes should not be compromised with the color of clothes a person is wearing. Colors should be carefully chosen according to what the shade of the eyes will appear at its best.

Avoid heavy applications for it might make the eyes look smaller and very dull. One can also consider the tone of the skin which will greatly help to accentuate the eyes and make the blends of colors a wonderful sight to admire.


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