Don’t Skimp On Eyeliners For A Perfect Look

eyelinersThe use of eyeliner has become very popular again thanks to certain celebrities and models such as Kate Moss.

It can take a bit of mastering to carefully apply it but once you do it can really enhance the eyes and be used to create different looks.

Never use a cheap brand, some make up like nail polish you can get away with spending less but for eye liners it is worth paying a bit extra for a better product. At the very least it will be easier to apply and probably last longer anyway.

The top trend at the moment is the smoky eye, great for an evening look and very popular with younger women. The easiest way to achieve it, is to buy a specific product that has a brush provided to help blend the product.

The key is to layer eye shadow and liner in equal measure, then start with a thin line at the inside making it wider as you work along the lid. [Eye Makeup Tips]

If it is drama that you are looking for then you can be much more, heavy handed as well as using a darker color of liner.

Make the line strong between both corners of the eyelid, by adding black or dark grey eye shadow your eyes will really smolder. Simple to do but very effective for a night out or any other place you want to go.

A more casual look is what most women will want, for the office or eating out with friends. The whole point of eyeliner is to emphasize the eyes without looking like Cleopatra; if it is too obvious it will just look like you have applied the liner without any thought or care. Go for a lighter shade and use an even lighter touch when applying it.


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