Eyes Of A Femme Fatale Connecting Dots In Men’s World

Many women wear makeup to enhance certain features that they feel are their best. The eyes are one of the most powerful parts of the face as it can relay strength, vulnerability and sex appeal.

The smoldering eye look is particularly captivating; however, very few women know how to apply makeup to capture that alluring look.

Here are some tips.

First, before applying anything to the eyelids make sure to use a cream concealer as a base. Next, use a pencil liner, either in black, grey or green on the upper lash line from the inner part all the way to the outer.

Also, do the lower lashes as well and even try just dotting between the lower lashes, then use a pointed cotton swab to smudge the liner, making it smoky.

Next, apply powdered eye shadow in either a gray, brown or dark green onto the eyelid all the way to the crease. Try and apply it going slightly up and out toward the outer eye, but don’t overdo it.

Finally, find a lighter eye shadow in more neutral tones like a light beige or ivory and apply it to the area just below the eyebrow. Add two coats of black mascara to the eyelashes to further emphasize the eyes and that’s it.

Keep in mind that, especially when inexperienced with applying makeup, it may take several tries to get it right, so be patient and test out different shades and liners, particularly depending on skin tone to find the perfect one.


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