How Can You Be Sure That Mascara Is Actually A Waterproof?

mascaraWith a huge range of regular and waterproof mascaras available on the market, most women will always stick to their personal preferences for their purchases.

It is unfortunately true that waterproof makeups are often not waterproof and are only “water resistant”.

After a little research, it is not hard to figure out that the main component of best waterproof mascaras is the high content of fats or wax or oils. Since all these are hydro-phobic, (they don’t absorb water) they are waterproof.

Because of this, cosmetic companies never spell out the exact composition and ingredients in their beauty products and hence competitors add to their products, whatever they think works in the best way possible, regardless of it actually makes the product waterproof.

By comparing and contrasting the exact ingredients of a popular brand of mascaras, one that is supposedly waterproof and one that is known to actually be waterproof,  it is easy to work out the effective ingredients.

Just by going through the first four ingredients shown for each of them, it is not difficult to work out the differences.

The waterproof version of the mascara is loaded with three different types of wax, including carnauba, bees and candelilla wax. It then has isododecane, water, and a highly branched mixture of iso-paraffins (paraffin wax).

On the other hand, the regular non-waterproof mascara has just one wax ingredient in the top four ingredients, bees wax. This confirms that wax serves as the main ingredient that makes cosmetics water proof.


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