Effective Make up Tips for hooded eyes

Hooded eyes can be referred as those eyes of which the upper lids are entirely hidden or almost hidden especially when eyes are open. The extra skin on the upper lid of the eye forms a hood hence the name.

Having this pattern of eye lid does not mean that you are endowed with monolid eyes or you do not have pleats like Asian eyes.

Rather the fact is that you have but they are not perceptible. Persons with hooded eyes are as charming as those who have deep set, oriental or other patterns of eyes.

Celebrities like Camilla Belle, Taylor Swifts, Jennifer Lawrence, Malin Akerman and many others have attractive hooded eyes. Therefore the focus point is to know the right way of applying makeup on your hooded eyes to look gorgeous.

make up tips for hooded eyes

Defining Eye Brows

Grooming your eyebrows is important if you have hooded eyes. You have to shape your eyebrows depending on your face pattern. Good eyebrow powder can assist you to define it or else you can apply pencil to enhance more space for your eye make up. The appearance of your hooded eye lids will be enhanced with defined eyebrows.

Applying Eye Shadow

Applying eye shadow is another essential step toward eye make up. The first step in this aspect is to apply foundation on your oil free eyelids. To camouflage the dark circles or eye wrinkle you can use concealer to buff away.

Applying eye shadow primer and eye shadow base is the next step. Eye highlighter should be applied on the lower lash starting from the inner corners of your eyes as well as brow bone.

Lighter shades will be suitable for your eye creases to create the fantasy of advancing eyelids. Application of mid tone eye shadow to your hooded area will help you to confer to recede the hooded lids. You can opt for lighter eye shadow for inner part of your lower eye lash and the darker one for outer part.

Applying Eye Liner

Be careful while applying eye liner that it should not transfer to your hood lids. Hence it is preferable to use best brands of eye liner. You can create V shape wing to create cat eye effects if you love that by applying eye line to the lower lash of eye. Remember the wing should not cross the natural eye crease.

Applying Eye Mascara

Mascara enhances the gorgeousness of hooded eye lids. Before applying mascara, you can curl you upper eyelids or opt for false eye lash as the best companion.

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