Pep Up Your Eyes With Marvelous Make Up

eye makeupDo you want to enhance your appearance instantly?

Applying the right makeup to your eyes instantly enhances your appearance and adds glamour to your face and overall appearance.

Eye makeup is relatively easy to apply and suits everyone.

Depending on the shape and spacing of your eyes, there are a wide variety of eye makeup ideas which can help you to transform yourself into a glamorous diva.

Here are a few makeup ideas for you to transform your eyes the way you want:

Buy a good set of makeup brushes

Good makeup brushes are essential to administer eye make-up effectively. A thin pointed brush is ideal for applying eyeliner. For applying eye shadows, blunt and angled brushes are the most recommended.

Never use your fingertips to apply eye shadow. It is not only unhygienic, but also looks very sloppy and uneven.

Choose eye catching eye shadows

For highlighting your brows, go for lighter shades, and use dark shades for the lid and crease of your eyes.

If you want to try light shades like blue, light grey or light green, draw a thin line over your upper eyelash using liquid eyeliner or a sharp eye pencil.

Line up your eyes

Use liquid eyeliner or a sharp eye pencil to line up your eye lashes. If you want a refined and sharp look, liquid eyeliner is definitely the way to go. If you prefer a smoky look, use a dry eye pencil to draw a thin line over your eye lashes.

Add a generous dose of mascara

To make your eye lashes look long, use a generous dose of mascara. Mascara is the ultimate glamorous touch. If you have thin and short eye lashes, choose mascara that adds volume and length.

If you are attending a party or special occasion, curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara.

If you are making up your eyes for an evening, keep your eye makeup dark and sizzling. However, don’t overdo it, as it can ruin your entire appearance. Always remember to keep your makeup as simple and elegant as possible.

If you use contact lenses, highlight the color of your eyes, but don’t overdo it. Before making up your eyes, think about your skin tone, dress and also shape of your eyes and then apply eye makeup according to your desired style.


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